How to verify if iphone is unlocked or not

iPhone is unlocked verification at iPhone technical support independent way

iPhone is one of the smart phones designed and marketed by the Apple official company. The first generation was established and released on 29th June. The user interface has been built around the device as a multi touch screen which has a virtual keyboard incorporated within it. The device is compatible with WiFi and internet can also be used through cellular networks. It also had various applications to make it handy for you to use it.

Wondering how to verify iPhone is unlocked or not, here are the following steps that can be taken into consideration:

First of all open your iPhone setting, it would be grey color icon with a gear symbol on it

Tap on the cellular button which would be present at the top, if your phone uses Uk English then it would be mentioned as Mobile data

Now locate the option entitled as cellular data network. If your iPhone displays this option it directly means that  iPhone is unlocked otherwise iPhone stands locked

There are some exceptional cases where your carrier has given you a SIM that lets you change your iPhone access point name if you would be having this setting this won’t mean that your iPhone is unlocked if this is present in your phone you can refer to the next method mentioned below:

Turn off your iphone

Now locate the sim slot and take the sim out of the tray

Replace the prevalent sim card by a new network and put it back

Now you can again switch on your phone

Open the app store, if you are able to see a activation code or a sim unlock code similar to the error before you can open the application and that means that your phone is carrier locked you can now call on the number provided if the call gets complete it hence means the iPhone is unlocked otherwise it stand locked.

If these steps do not help you, you are eligible to contact the iPhone technical support phone number and the technicians who are well versed in their field would help you to get through your problems and give instant solutions for it.

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