How many gmail accounts can you have with one phone number

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Gmail is an open source application which is freely available on the Internet for sending and receiving email over the Internet.With the help of Gmail ,you can send so many message to your dear ones as there is no storage limit.

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Create so many accounts on Gmail with one mobile number but you should try to avoid it as it can create conflict.For creating account on Gmail with one number,you will have to follow given below steps:

  • First you will have to create your Gmail account ,if you have already created your account on Gmail then login with your existing account.

  • Next you need to verify your mobile number then go to the next step.

  • Thereafter you will have to go your account settings then go to mobile number field,here you will have to delete your existing mobile number.

  • Now you need to create again Gmail id with same number.

  • For creating unlimited Gmail account ,you need to repeat this process again and again for further use.

Now you can create many account on Gmail with one phone number but if you want to know how many gmail accounts can one have then you need to check how many account you have created.But you are not sure about how many account you are accessing at the same time as google do not know who created the account so you need to remember yourself that how many account you are creating for your business,personal purpose,colleague and so on. information available at Google technical support way where expert also provide a well opportunity to find the best solution.

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