how to reset google chrome most visited thumbnails

Google chrome customer support always serve much better advice

We all are use internet on regular basis. Web browser helps us to connect with the internet. There are numerous web browsers in the world but nothing comes into the versatility, speed and accuracy as Google chrome. Google chrome is one of the popular web browsers in the world and used by millions of user across the world.  Google chrome not only provides the best browsing experience but also additional features like bookmarking a favorite site, adding extension or plugging, enabling cooking  to make the internet experience much smoother and better. But sometimes user do faces certain problems like resetting of the password, removing of the extensions but one of the rare problem user faces is regarding Thumbnails. Thumbnails are basically the extension of frequently visited sites so one can create a thumbnail for quickly opens a website but the problem user face is regarding how one can reset the Thumbnails on Google chrome.

  • To restore the thumbnail, one just need to scroll down the web browser and click on delete button.
  • One can click on “ Undo button ‘’.
  • One can directly click on Restore all button.

Advance help from Chrome support expert guide

In case, if you are still facing any issue regarding the resetting of Thumbnail then one can call at the Chrome customer service number. They have excellent support team which is well versed in their domain to resolve any issue without any hassle. They work 24*7/365 days in order to fix the issue on immediate basis without any much hassle.

More information : Chrome Customer Service read more after click on a link.

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